2018 Speakers

Stefan Seltz-Axmacher

CEO and Founder of Starsky Robotics, a driverless truck startup launched in August 2016 which aims to make roads safer and allow truck drivers to work closer to home. Starsky Robotics began moving freight on the highway in February 2017, and in February 2018 drove a truck fully unmanned for seven miles on the highway. Starsky raised a $16.5 million Series A round led by Shasta Ventures, with substantial contributions from previous investors like Y Combinator, Trucks.vc, 50 Years, 9Point Ventures, and many others.

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Reilly Brennan

Reilly P. Brennan is a founding general partner at Trucks, a seed-stage venture capital fund for entrepreneurs changing the future of transportation. His investments include Nauto, nuTonomy, Starsky Robotics, May Mobility, SEEVA, and Roadster. He serves as a board director for May Mobility and SEEVA.

Reilly holds a teaching appointment at Stanford University, where he teaches twice per year in the School of Engineering and the d.school.

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Olaf Sakkers

Olaf joined Maniv Mobility in 2014, playing an instrumental role in shaping its investment strategy and growing the first fund to $45M AUM and its portfolio to 18 of the leading global mobility startups. Olaf is regarded as one of the leading researchers of autonomous vehicles, writing about topics such as, business model disruption in the automotive industry and appearing at numerous conferences and summits worldwide to speak about the impact of autonomous vehicles and related technologies.

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Oliver Cameron

Oliver is a co-founder and CEO of Voyage, a startup deploying self-driving taxis into communities around the world.

At Voyage, we’re building an extremely affordable autonomous taxi service. We believe that dependable, point-to-point, self-driving transportation will change a lot about how the world works for the better, and not just for Silicon Valley. We’ve been working on this problem for nearly a year now, and Team Voyage is today comprised of 10 amazing and mission-oriented engineers.

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