Horace Dediu

Horace Dediu

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A visionary, Dediu is one of the world’s most respected business analysts and renowned experts on complex data analysis. He is the founder and author of the market intelligence site Asymco.com, and also works as an independent analyst and advisor to incumbents and entrants on platform strategy. Declared “King of Apple Analysts” by Fortune magazine, Dediu is a relied upon resource for all major media, including Bloomberg, Financial Times, Economist, and Forbes among others, and has more than 350,000 citations to his name.

Asymco.com, followed by tens of thousands of mobile industry observers, has set the standard for public, open access to deep industry analysis. “The Critical Path,” hosted by Dediu, is one of the most popular technology and business strategy podcasts. It has changed how commentary is conducted on matters of technology strategy, shunning sensation while seeking causality. Dediu has a master’s from Harvard Business School and from Tufts University, in business administration and electrical engineering.

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