Zeke Reyna

Zeke Reyna works as an Emerging Technology Portfolio Project Manager for the Texas Department of
Transportation’s Strategic Planning Division focusing on connected and automated vehicles, advanced
air mobility, and other emerging technology-related policies at the state and federal level. In this role,
he serves as the principal staffer for the statewide Texas Connected and Automated Vehicle Task Force,
which was created in January 2019. Additionally, Zeke heads up the department’s internal Connected
and Automated Vehicle Workgroup. Zeke also led the Texas Transportation Commission’s Urban Air
Mobility Advisory Committee, which was legislatively created to help prepare Texas for the next
generation of aviation. Finally, as TxDOT’s chief staffer serving on the RUC America pooled fund
consortium since 2014, Zeke currently serves as Chair of the steering committee.

Previously, Zeke worked as a staffer in both the Texas Senate and Texas House of Representatives, most
recently as the Senior Transportation and Licensing Policy Advisor to former Texas Speaker of the House,
Joe Straus. In previous positions at TxDOT, Zeke served as the commission aide to former Texas
Transportation Commissioner Fred Underwood. Zeke graduated from the University of Texas at Austin
with a B.A. in Government. He resides with his wife and three children in Austin, Texas.