Peter Berger
Director of Innovation, EmbraerX

Peter Berger is the Director of Innovation at EmbraerX in Silicon Valley. EmbraerX is the disruptive innovation division for Embraer, the third-largest aircraft manufacturer in the world.
Mr. Berger has three roles within EmbraerX. First, to oversee active projects, most notably the all-electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle (eVTOL) being built in collaboration with Uber. Second, to oversee Embraer’s investment activity in North America. Third, to work with Embraer’s existing business units to foster innovation within their existing product lines and processes.
Prior to joining EmbraerX, Mr. Berger was the CEO of several startups including Contact IQ, Alitora Systems and Topicmarks which sold to The Meet Group (NASDAQ: MEET) in 2011. Additionally, he has advised numerous startups and Fortune 500 companies such as Orange Telecom and Qualcomm.
Mr. Berger has an undergraduate degree from California Polytechnic and a law degree from Rutgers University.