Pam Miniati

A Massachusetts native with an interest in public service, Pam Miniati graduated from
Tufts University with a degree in American Studies before heading to Washington, DC
to work on Capitol Hill. Her experience in Congress is where she learned the art and
influence of bringing people together.

Miniati would continue her education and obtain an MBA in finance, marketing, and
policy at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
Miniati put her talents to use at Ernst & Young Healthcare Consulting, where she helped
a major West Coast hospital system develop a state-of-the-art shared services center
for non-clinical services. Miniati was instrumental in growing the business from 0 to 400
people within two years.

For more than two decades, Miniati worked with startups and spearheaded programs in
technology, healthcare, and non-profit industries. Her experience includes six years at
the San Jose, California-based startup Neoforma, Inc., a leading provider of supply
chain management solutions for hospitals and their suppliers. She managed their
largest customer, served as Director of Product Management and Product Marketing,
and successfully orchestrated the launch of four major software releases for their supply
chain e-commerce platform.

Miniati relocated to Tampa with her husband and, in 2016, became the final member of
FIBA’s inaugural team.  Miniati has directed 5 FIBA programs with 60 Israeli companies
and is now Co-Executive Director along with Rakefet Phillips. As Co-Executive Director
of FIBA, Miniati overseas program development and management, operations, and
ongoing collaboration with the Israeli startups.