Kelsey Brunette Fiedler
Ideation Analyst, Munich RE America

Kelsey Brunette Fiedler is an Ideation Analyst at Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.’s (Munich Re) Incubator, a strategic business unit within New Strategic Markets. Her main responsibilities are vetting and analysis of new products and services within the Mobility Domain. She is currently leading the pilot of project AVerified, which provides verification of operational safety for autonomous vehicle manufacturers.

Kelsey is a graduate of the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business and Michigan State’s College of Law as well as a member of the New Jersey Bar.  She also spent time at the Michigan Department of Insurance, Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance, Ford Motor Company, and GMAC.  Speaking engagements include the Missouri Director’s Regulatory Summit The Innovation Imperative and NAIC CIPR Regulatory Evaluation 2.0 – Meeting the Challenges of Innovation in addition to authoring, Back into the sandbox: How assumptions are the cornerstone of innovation, THE REGULATOR, Winter 2016.