Gregory Crandell

Gregory Crandell is the General Manager of HOLON US.  He began his career as a 3rd generation GM employee which grounded him with a historical automotive perspective and through his mother’s foresight, Gregory was able to experience a behind-the-scenes view into the challenges executive leaders encounter changing large organizations.

Driven by a kaizen approach to life, he takes pride in developing teams and processes that encourage educated risk taking to reach goals by living in the moment but planning for tomorrow.

After living/working abroad for 12 years in 3 countries, his goals include localizing innovative solutions, reinforcing the importance of the “3-GEN Principle” (GENba, GENbutsu, GENjitsu) and expanding Green Space in metropolitan areas.

In addition to his professional career, Gregory enjoys impromptu outdoor adventures and spending time with his family, especially his 6-year-old son that’s keeping him challenging life.