Frank Martz

As the City Manager of Altamonte Springs (FL), Frank Martz brings more than 30 years of industry expertise, P3 creation, strategic direction, and executive management experience to his role. His blend of vision, empowerment, and fiscal management produced one of the most innovative cities in the world while at the same time lowering the Altamonte Springs’ property tax rate to one of the lowest in Florida and remaining a completely debt-free city. During Mr. Martz’s tenure, the City has expanded its’ portfolio and collaborated with businesses and entities across a large spectrum of industries to develop top-notch amenities for residents.

Frank is a former minor league infielder and brings that work ethic and focus on team building and execution to everything he does. Responding to a community need, Martz collaborated with corporate businesses, educators, professionals and volunteers to create a private sector-funded/city-run practical STEM education experience for Seminole County students. The Altamonte Springs Science Incubator (AS2I) is an innovative program promoting career-readiness in the high-tech, high-demand fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This past year, Martz expanded that program to include high school classes to train graduating seniors to become licensed wastewater operators. Frank has managed and overseen the planning, engineering, financing, and/or development of nearly $2.7 billion of public, public/private or private projects. In partnership with the Secretaries of the Florida Departments of Transportation and Environmental Protection, Mr. Martz led the development of an innovative project, A-FIRST, that captures and treats stormwater from the I-4 Ultimate project, creating more than 1 billion gallons of new alternative water for the region every year. In 2016, Frank led the formation of the first community-wide congestion management and connectivity pilot in the world with Uber Technologies, Inc.

In 2017, the City created pureALTA, a project that converts reclaimed water to purified drinking water without reverse osmosis and exceeds all drinking water standards. pureALTA became the first project in Florida to ever win the national water reuse award. Frank has served as a member or chair of numerous regional committees relating to land use, transportation and mobility, fiscal planning, opioid addiction, mental health, and other issues relating communities. In 2016, Frank formed a partnership with Uber to create the first community-wide mobility program in the world. The pilot with Uber was replicated nationally and internationally, and served as the basis  to  change Florida law to support transportation network companies. To scale the pilot with Uber, he formed a mobility group that serves nearly 150,000 residents within five cities spanning two counties. In September 2018, pureALTA won an international innovation award in Tokyo, Japan, beating out projects from 45 other countries. He also led the formation of the Altamonte Electric Utility, which seeks to develop sustainable energy solutions for the City’s operations. Under his leadership, the City was named a “Utility of the Future Today” by the Water Environment Federation for the City’s transformational programming. At the outset of the COVID pandemic, Frank and his team became one of the first cities in the world to deploy RNA analysis using ddPCR protocols of wastewater.

In partnership with the University of Arizona, they developed the Altamonte Springs COVID-19 Predictive Model which accurately forecasted new cases based on viral concentrations in wastewater. Like a “Doppler Rader” for COVID, the model is now being used in other areas of the United States. Frank also developed a communications structure to inform international organizations like the WHO, national agencies such as the CDC, state, regional and local governments, as well as hospitals and research universities. The City of Altamonte Springs partnered with the CDC to help create the National Wastewater Surveillance System, and he is currently working with the White House and the CDC on revisions to the national readiness program. Mr. Martz participates on various innovation committees across the world, including: Technology and Entrepreneurial Center at Harvard University; Cities Today Institute; as a Board Member for the Urban Leadership Foundation; as an executive cohort member for Meeting of the Minds; as a Global Founding member of MasterCard City Possible Program; and he was named one of the Top 10 Public Sector Transportation Innovators in the United States by the Eno Center for Transportation. Altamonte Springs was one of only three cities in Florida to be ranked by Money Magazine in the top 50 cities in America in which to live, and was ranked the 19th best city in the United States for small business investment by WalletHub.

In 2023, the City of Altamonte Springs and the Florida Department of Transportation launched an autonomous vehicle program, the first to be funded by the state over multiple years.  It will operate in mixed traffic alongside mixed modes, and in both public rights-of-way and private properties.  The City chose Beep as the AV operator.  Frank and his team also have launched the Altamonte Global Innovation Lab (AGīL) to create, curate and host the development of both public and private sector mobility, environmental, technological, and data-driven innovation solutions that can be scaled and implemented in other communities nationally and internationally.