Hardik Gajjar

Hardik Gajjar is a senior port and intermodal planner at WSP and has contributed significantly to various port and intermodal rail projects involving master planning, terminal planning, and cost analysis. With over a decade of technical experience, he brings the capability of capacity analysis, terminal planning, operational analysis, and cargo movement analysis. 

His experience ranges from performing feasibility and strategic analyses; to due diligence; and to master planning for new or existing terminals. With a civil engineering background, Mr. Gajjar is also involved in performing development cost estimate and assisting in terminal design. Mr. Gajjar is the co-developer of Port Rail Intermodal Modeling Environment (PRIME), WSP’s proprietary marine and intermodal terminal/port planning and analysis tool and has led the development of capacity model for various ports. He is also involved in freight movement projects focusing on analysis of various supply chain alternatives, freight resilience, and research practices. Mr. Gajjar’ s work experience includes projects not only at major US ports, but also international ports and intermodal terminals.