Colin Roche

Colin Roche is Co-founder and CEO of Swiftmile, a micromobility infrastructure company whose Mobility Hubs charge and organize light electric vehicles (LEVs) like e-scooters and e-bikes. Swiftmile’s in-field charging model helps cities scale up shared micromobility with fewer of the pain points: reduced sidewalk clutter, less operational emissions and congestion, and more fully-charged vehicles to ride. Swiftmile works with every major micromobility company to incentivize riders to end trips at Mobility Hubs, saving operators 75% as compared to nightly vehicle collection.

Colin has over 25 years of experience in product design and clean energy, most recently leading PV manufacturer Jiawei Solar to IPO in 2013. Earlier in his career, he invented the ergonomic writing instrument PenAgain, which has sold over 10 million units in 25 countries. His work has been featured in major outlets like the WSJ, WIRED, Newsweek and on NBC, ABC, and FOX. Colin became fascinated by the potential of LEVs to transform cities after winning an e-bike at a charity auction in 2015, leading him to co-found Swiftmile.